This amulet is very much a Gamblers favourite – Locket Lersi Saming Top 1

Locket Lersi Lersi Saming –  currently receiving very high favor in Thailand for his effective and powerful amulets. Made using a most Powerful selection of rare Prai Ghost Powders, Chin Aathan Lersi SAING, Takrut and sacred Khmer Necromantic Sorcery inscriptions.

xin bua thai lam an manh

This amulet is very much a Gamblers favourite, and an all round powerful amulet for those who worship or follow the Lersi path. Lersi Saming Prai is also an extremely powerful aganet against Black Magick.

However, apart from the usual vast range of blessings available from Lersi amulet, this particular manifestation is extremely inclined towards the Maha Sanaeh Seduction Magic that allows easy Romantic seduction. Saming says that this amulet is meant to be used for flirtations and a consistently active Romantic life, and that once you Bucha this amulet, then one must go out and flirt with it, for the amulet thrives on this.

The amulets were empowered with incantations variety placed on the skin of a lady with great Maha Sanaeh charm, as Ajarn Prodt bent over her and performed the spell casting.

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