Sak yant tattoo 5 lines meaning

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Sak yant tattoo 5 lines meaning

The ” hah taew ” tattoo is also known as the most common five – line charm tattoo including five spells of magic, born of four – factor creation: earth, water, air and fire, represented by five different medical spells
First: prevent, limit, and protect where you live if feng shui is bad.
Second: reform and protection against bad sao.
Third: protect you, avoid nhân
Fourth: increase your luck, success and fortune.
Fifth : make others trust, love yourself

is not just the usual tattoos, but it means a spiritual place to be more secure in life and more confident with decisions and choices


Let’ s hope through shared sharing that helps you understand the meaning of sak Yant tattoo 5 lines. Sak yant tattoo 5 lines is a unique trait in thailand’ s culture. So if you’re a mermaid, open up, have faith in thailand’ s tattoo culture, find yourself a suitable tattoo for luck, finance, love, and vệ… from the top – famous tattoos in thailand!